Live smart workshop!

A full-day workshop takes around 8 hours, were we go through several topics and contents that concern the environmental aspect of daily life, and introducing 20 participants to several methods that can simply improve the environmental awareness in our thinking and way of living.

Workshop concept

 The European society is investing too much through integrating programs, trying to educate the newcomers 'the refugees' to keep them up to the EU standards of living! But that integration is mostly a monopoly on culture, social life, and the job market. Neglecting  a very crucial topic, or what we believe is the headline of the new century, which is the global environmental challenge. 


Starting there, we decided to begin working on the Live Smart!

With the support of many environmental and academical associations and institutions. 


One important goal of the workshop, is to simplify the environmental complicated challenge to the interested audience, through several tools and methods, such as audio visual translated videos -using many different languages-, and open discussion groups sharing success stories of traditional ecological cultural practices. All share, and all learn!


''The workshop was so simple and fun to understand, actually I don't know why didn't I think about it this way before!''  Mahmoud said, one of the participants.