it's all about sharing the right environmental conscience!

Living smart, in our perspective, is all about sharing the right environmental conscience! Since we believe that in all diverse cultures, there has always been a right global environmental responsible awareness, which we must all cherish, keep, improve, and share!

Best climate action projects in Europe awarded

15 Climate Stars given to cities and regions in 7 countries

Grafenegg Castle / Frankfurt am Main, 10 October 2016. On Thursday evening in Lower Austria’s Grafenegg Castle, 15 municipalities, regions and associations of local authorities from seven European countries were awarded with a Climate Star for their outstanding climate action initiatives. The local projects cover a wide range of topics from energy and mobility to food systems and sustainable procurement up to climate justice and climate change adaptation. The winners demonstrate that communication is a key success factor, whether between local authorities and their inhabitants, with other municipalities and regions as well as with partners in the Global South.



Live smart workshop!

A full-day workshop takes around 8 hours, were we go through several topics and contents that concern the environmental aspect of daily life, and introducing 20 participants to several methods that can simply improve the environmental awareness in our thinking and way of living.

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